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Monday, 29 January 2007

Another must have

Ok Jayne (Jayne's Attic) is too good at this enabling lark. The Attic will be carrying designs by Needlemania (check out Marc D's link in my blogs I visit). I have fallen totally in love with Fire Flower so last night A and I decided to see what kind of colours we could find. I couldn't decide on just one so I thought hey why not do one for each season (I haven't even got the chart yet!)
Ideas for threads include:
Needle Necessities
1612 Sunfire
1301 Salsa
1031 Raspberry ice
1931 Calypso for summer
1391 Wildflowers
1541 Mardi Gras for spring
146 Fall Foliage
127 MacAulvey Manor for autumn
and 1511 Jingle Bells
1512 Candy Cane for winter.
I also made a list of Vikki Clayton Silks that would look nice and laughingly said that really to make the best decision I needed a full set of all. Well A said "we'll work towards that for you because you can never have too much floss" he is such a great buddy.
Would love opinions on colours from you all

1 comment:

Jacqui said...

Jayne is terrible isn't she. I was in the shop on Friday (my birthday) and she wouldn't let me leave till I'd bought a new chart and made a start on it. Mind you, I never need THAT much persuasion. You have a hubby like mine, he encourages your stash habit.

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