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Saturday, 27 January 2007

A post

OMG I finally post again. I will warn you now if you expect a proliferation of posts in this blog you will be disappointed. By nature I don't chat a lot.
Well not much stitching has been happening here except for an exchange where I stitched a mini tuck for Heather (received and she liked it) but I haven't got a picture of it.
One of my rats has a benign mammary tumour but it doesn't seem to affect her so we have decided to skip surgery due to possible risks and discomfort for the poor girl. We just need to keep a close eye on things and if it grows any or becomes hard we'll take her to the vets for further advice.
The baby mice are so big now (nearing 7 weeks old) and so much more confident than their parents were.
I'm so excited. I looked at the Cats Whiskers Nashville page and A has said he will buy me http://thecatswhiskers.net.au/chairs.html#chair . Isn't he a gem?

Well I hope to have some stitching HD's soon


Karen said...

You lucky thing the peacock chair looks wonderful

Julie said...

Hi Tracey, will add you to my bloglist
that chairs a 'got to have' one isn't it ... better start saving my pennies !!!

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