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Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Ventured out today for the first time since before Christmas. My pills have started working again to an extent. Bought Erin some gorgeous pink slippers. All fluffy and sparkly.
Went to the petshop and saw the most adorable bunny rabbits. They had 2 black and white and 2 light brown and white. I fell totally in love with the brown and white girls. I NEED A GARDEN
Went to Claires Accessories and they have 15 items for £5 at the moment so Erin chose a pink and black skull woolly hat and I picked up some great earrings. I got pink skull cherries, heart handcuffs, big pink badge skulls, mad button and bead dangly earrings and some sweet heart ones for an exchange. We also picked up some bobbles and bracelets (again with sparkly skulls)
Erin wants to save her pocket money as she found a Hello Kitty punk purse which she just has to have.
Decided on the 2 charts for my spring keyring exchange at TS now I just need to get my stitchy bug back and stitch them.
At the moment my 2 rats are curled up on my crafty storage system, the mice are all dozing and so is my hamster.
Erin is curled up watching one of her programmes (probably on Disney) A is cleaning up the bathroom and I'm here typing this and thinking what should I give them for tea.

1 comment:

Julie said...

sounds like you had a good shopping trip, better tell my DD about Claire's, she goes mad in there LOL

take care, lots of love

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