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Monday, 19 February 2007

Complaint Alert

It's been one of those weekends. Saturday wasn't so bad I guess but Sunday I really should have stayed in bed.
Erin, bless her, was hyper all day, A was sick and I had a major panic attack. To top it off my Pc decided it wanted a half day holiday so my dad came down to fix it (dad visiting wasn't a bad thing PC dying was). I've been on edge all weekend as I have a psychiatrist appointment Tuesday and I'm dreading it. My Dr is amazing and I know it helps me, but whenever I have to go out and be somewhere at a certain time I start freaking, also I know he'll expect me to talk.
Oh well needs must and all that. Of course I am having one of my regular bouts of insomnia and lack of sleep is making me feel even worse. Erin will probably be up at dawn too!
I finished gridding my fabric for the wedding sampler and put in a few stitches on Saturday but nothing worth showing yet.


natty68 said...

Welcome to the world of insommnia :( I'm starting to feel like a vampire at the moment, sleeping at daytime and awake at night..

Try not to worry too much about your appointment on Tuesday hon. Although I know what you mean about them wanting you to talk..why they can't talk to us instead and we just sit there nodding like nodding dogs..lol


Julie said...

big {{hugs}} Tracey

hope all goes well with you appointment this week, will send you some positive vibes to help you, i know that feeling of anxiety only too well !!!

Sally said...

I hope your appointment goes well today Tracey. Will be thinking of you.

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