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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

I Must be Insane

Nothing happened yesterday as I woke up in agony again. When I say nothing I mean we did't have anything planned except a bit of schooling and an otherwise relaxing day. My mouse Pearl had other ideas and escaped. Took 5 hours and complete chaos to get her back in the cage. At least life is never dull with the rodents.

Today I decided to drag myself into the Strand as I wanted to get a few bits and of course Erin had to go to the pet shop to see the bunnies. Went in there quite happily to see bunnies and pick up some bits. Saw the hamsters again and guess what.......................

Yup we now have a gorgeous ginger hamster called Fingal. The shopping was forgotten about and home we came with the little sweety.
Erin and I made sausage rolls today and she was trying to eat them all at teatime (bless her).
I don't know why I do these things as I've been vegetarian for 17 years and here I am with raw sausage meat on my hands BLECH!
I think chicken casserole is on the cards for tomorrow so I must go and get it out to defrost (yay I get to handle raw slimy meat again)
Not much stitching done lately but as soon as I have updated this I need to get a "Get Well Soon" card done as my Aunt was in a bit of an accident today. She was run over by her own car.
Any good thoughts in her direction would be welcomed.
Right off to get stitching as I also need to have her birthday present done ASAP (it's her birthday on Valentines day).
I did finish the stitching for my friend last night and almost done with the scrpabook page so I really need to get a piccy of them for the girls on the board ASAP.

I was googling (as I do) and decided to see if I could find some cute pics for Erin so I found this site http://www.dollzmania.com with the cutest blinkies which will probably end up added at random.


Luciluna - I'm really shy... said...

As a vegetarian for 15 years who has lately dabbled in POT ROAST and CHICKEN, I relate to the "blech" and the craziness of the why! I really like your blog. Have you pictures of Erin, and of your needle projects? It is nice to meet you!

Sally said...

I'm not vegatarian and I hate handling raw meat! I don't know what it is about it but yep it's blech!

Hope your auntie is OK.

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