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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Random update

I have a couple of finishes but no pictures yet. Will add them later. I finished the blue bird pin for my aunt but with her having an accident last week I mailed it off so quick I forgot to take a picture. Poor love is on the mend slowly and her neighbours are looking after her. It's her birthday on wednesday (a Valentines baby) and one of my finishes is her birthday gift. The other is a keyring for the spring keyring exchange on Tranquil Stitches.
I needed new boots but there are none without huge heels local so I decided to go to Joe Browns online and I got http://www.joebrowns.co.uk/products/images/large/LF061.JPG in black. I don't mind heels but I need flats sometimes and my steel toe caps don't really do the whole feminine thing.
I need to make my aunts birthday card and one for my uncle too (13th feb) and sort out a card and floss for Polly.
Will be mailing out my H is for Heart exchange this week all going well and I have a few other bits and pieces to mail.

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