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Friday, 2 February 2007


I went out again today and back to the pet shop as the rats needed more food. We saw some adorable little hamsters and the little rabbits were still there (are Bootle people blind if I had a garden those rabbits would be mine!!) Erin was rather taken with the hamsters which were varying shades of chocolate brown and caramel and all curled up sleeping. Erin wanted to see the owners dogs (I think they are Corgis) so the lad who works there brought one with him when we paid for the food. Erin seems rather taken with him. Of course the parrot was there and being very quiet (makes a change).
Had a quick look in TJ Hughes as they are having a liquidation sale but nothing interesting.
Not much else happening here. My stitchy bug is still only working part time (not even that).

1 comment:

Julie said...

i love hamsters, when i was 11 i had one for my birthday, it was pregnant and then i had 6 !!! sold them back to the petshop so mine was a freebie really LOL

hope you have a good weekend Tracey

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