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Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Ladybug

A friend sent me this information which I thought was so interesting I just had to share it

The ladybug likely has a significant association to Goddess belief.
Consider this English children's rhyme:
Lady bug, lady bug Fly away home
Your house in on fire
And your children all gone
All except one
And that's little Ann
And she has crept under The warming pan.

The ladybug rhyme is a cryptic reference to the fall of matriarchy and the rise of patriarchy.

The ladybug must fly away because her "house," her temples and her religion is burning, and her "children," her believers, are gone. Interestingly, one traditional way to be rid of witches (that is, women and Goddess worshippers) is to tell them their house is on fire. Ladybug's mother, the Goddess, is crying at the loss of the Lady's religion, and at the rise of the new one: ladybug's father waits on the doorstep, the threshold of a new era that He will dominate. Flying to heaven and away from hell is surely an imposition of Christianity: exhorting folk to turn to the new religion, and away from the old one that has now been overthrown and demonized. In the English version, there is hope as little Ann (St. Ann, the Lady's mother, actually the Goddess herself) hides and remains safe under the warming pan. The invaders have failed to destroy utterly the Lady's believers. Like all good fairytales and folk rhymes, Ann portends a possible, eventual return to the Goddess. Significantly, this folk rhyme's central figure--ladybug--is a beetle, one of the oldest symbols of resurrection and everlasting life.

For those who don't know I call my daughter my little ladybug and I have also heard that ladybugs are a symbol for luck.
She has certainly changed my life for the better.

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