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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

help needed

Ok I don't expect you to do it just because I asked. This is bugging me so I'm going to offer a small prize (scrapping, cardmaking or stitching) to the first person who can tell me what this fungus type thing is preferably with a link so I can find out about it.
Just some background the trug has potatoes in it and it has been so wet and dull here in Liverpool lately.
Have fun and thanks for your help


missy said...

Tracey, does your soil contain polymer granules? They are used to retain moisture in soil. They will swell when more water is added to the soil. Most commercial soils have these added to them. I could be wrong but it was the first thing to come to mind when I saw your photo. Please let us know what it is, if you find out.

Hugs and see you at the TS board.

Stitchinwitch said...

Thanks Missy. The soil we use does contain saturaid but they don't look majorly like anything other than freakish little mushroomy things. That said it has been very wet and windy here so our poor potatoes were in a fairly shady spot (so they weren't too damaged by wind) and it meant that water from both ours and next door dripped onto it.
I may have to be brave and examine one of the things.
Thanks for the help

Julie said...

DH says that some compost is made from spent mushroom compost, and to cut costs they do not keep it at a high temp for long enough to kill the spores, so when it gets too wet the spores germinate into little mushrooms, looks like thats what you got !!!

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