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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

My GP is amazing

Well I've felt like something the cat dragged up for the past month with panic attacks and genrally feeling BLEUCH! Last night I had the mother of all panic attacks so I said to hubby I think I need to up my meds. Now I hate going to the Drs (or anywhere else to be honest) so hubby calls up my GP's and asks if he can talk to my usual Dr. She calls back within 1/2 hour and tells him that me feeling so bad is my body saying that I need a higher dose and of course she will write me up for the higher dose. She then asks if he is ok to leave me to collect it or would it be better if she dropped it in! This of course is after asking after Erin and how hubby is too and also if there is anything else she can help with. I know many may not think this is blog stuff but I like to say when someone does good as I'm quick enough to rant when they don't lol.
Other good news is hubby now has Settlers III and IV (cost me about £5 from ebay)and I got new stash too (YAY!!!)
I've finished my ATC's for the stitched ATC swap on UKS and hope to scan them to put on here tomorrow before I mail them.
I've also mailed out everything for my swap bot ones to date


littlewanda said...

Glad you're doctor was so understanding. You are right, most people are too quick to moan and not praise when someone does something good.

What are Settlers III & IV?

Anonymous said...

I hope the meds help. My husband has panic attacks, but doesn't want meds - so I have to talk him through them. But they're getting better.

Stitchinwitch said...

Settlers III and IV are simulation games which my hubby loves. You get to build empires (and yes I am becoming addicted)

Sorry to hear your husband has panic attacks to Ari. I coped (kinda) with them until after I had babe and then a bunch of other stuff hit me too so meds it is :(
Glad your husbands are improving though

Sally said...

Wow, Tracey, your doctor is fantastic. I hope the meds help.

Julie said...

how lovely your GP is so nice, hope the new meds help you


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