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Friday, 17 August 2007

Rant warning

This is partly prompted by ignorant folks on freecycle. If I say I am going to be somewhere and I have a phone number then if I cannot make it I call. It doesn't take much. An email apologising for screwing me about would be nice too.
Another rant if someone PM's asking if something they sent has arrived REPLY it won't kill you and if it hasn't arrived they will re send.
Common courtesy is a thing of the past I swear (literally I've been cussing the past half hour)


Sandy said...

OK, I'm terrified of mice... but otherwise I like your blog. I've been cross stitching a long time. Come visit mine if you get a chance.

rbaird said...

Hi I like your blog. I used to have the most lovable black and white rat named Lily. They make the best pets!


Julie said...

Like you Tracey, i hate it when people dont keep appointments they have arranged

littlewanda said...

Love your blog and love rats. Have had quite a few over the years. I agree, how easy is it to PM back!

Jessica said...

It seems common courtesy is gone everywhere. I expect certain things so I am 'nice' in return to be treated as such & I get screwed over 75% of the time.


monique said...

What a nice blog you have.Your stitchery is lovely.I also like to cross stitch.(swap bot, gaine exposure to your blog)

Scarlett said...

I love your blog! I've never tried cross stitching but it looks beautiful!

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