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Monday, 20 August 2007


I hate thinking of titles for my posts grr.
Well I'm working on some stitched ATC's at the moment and a couple of cross stitched pieces for quilts. I've just finished an adorable piece of Elmer the patchwork elephant and I don't want to part with him :( Hopefully I'll post a picture tomorrow.
Erin was spoilt by my folks again today as they bought her some new speakers to go with her PC (their old one) and a learning game for level 2(national curriculum) history. She loves to learn so teaching her is a real pleasure (most of the time)
Thank you to all the swap bot participants who have commented on my blog. I think I've replied to you all and added to my list.
I was browsing the net earlier and found a really funny follow on from Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. I love Edgar Allen Poe so I had to check it out and it had me giggling.
The End of Raven by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat


Linda said...

This is Linda from swap-bot. I like your blog. It's very fun. I loved the stitched piece you posted below.

Julie said...

great poem Tracey, i loved it

{{huggles}} to you all

natty68 said...

Hi Tracey - yep it's me. I giggled when I saw your name on my swapbot list..how weird was that, especially as I already had you on my "google reader list"..:)

You do realise that I am going to have to start reading all the blogs on my list again instead of ignoring them all and panicking when they all have something like 10 entries to read.. Also I better start updating mine again..lol I do hope you are going to be a regular visitor now instead of a part-time one.. :)

*Hugs* Natty.xxx

Erika Cass Designs said...

Love the poem. Too cute! :o)
I used to own a rat named Sushi but it was years ago. I miss her. :o(
I'm a fellow Harry Potter & Loreena McKennitt fan...oh and a swap-bot-obsessed buddy! teehee.

Hannah said...

I like your sense of humour...blogs are great for rants..I do quite a bit of it on my blog as well..I'm glad to see that ppl still cross-stitch..I thought I was the only one...
have a great day!
Hannah (flieburre from swap-bot)

littlewanda said...

Don't you just hate becoming too attached to a swap item that you have to send!

Anonymous said...


I love the poem!! In fact, its now circulating around my office.

I really dig your blog!!

graphics_cactus @swap-bot.com

Anonymous said...

by the way...you've been tagged! there are instructions on my blog

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