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Friday, 31 October 2008


Well as promised I have some blog candy for you since I reached 100 hits (well since I joined SITS it went up to 150 rather rapidly)

I'm not able to post a picture or even sure exactly what I will be sending but it will be Christmassy and crafty. With that in mind the blog candy will finish on 31st October and I will draw a name at the witching hour (UK time) That should leave time for you to make some yummy cards with it

To enter just leave a comment and a link back if you have a blog, if you don't have a blog please be sure to check back on 2nd November (I hope to have the winner posted by 1st November but life can get in the way)

Thanks to everyone who has visited and huge thanks to everyone who has commented


cpullum said...

Wow not sure if I can enter I live in the USA !! But love the color of your blog so festive!!


PCarriker said...

What a fun blog! Love the little witch. Thank you for entering my giveaway:-) And now I see you have one too, the goodness just abounds in blogdom!

gypsy said...

Tracey, how awesome are you to have this unique competition! I usually don't read a lot of blogs, but I really like yours! (maybe it's because we think alike? LOL!)

many blessings, Gypsy

Bubbles said...

Congratulations on your hits, it's amazing how quickly the counter changes!
Thanks for joining my blog candy draw, love how you can't show a picture of you candy makes it all the more exciting as it will be a surprise!!
Joanne x

Julie said...

Well done on the visits to your lovely blog, and a chance to win some fab mystery candy. I'll pop a link on my blog now.
Julie x

Honey Mommy said...

Blog candy!

Sounds yummy.

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog on Thursday :-)

Yes, nothing better than a cream tea :-)

Will be back to browse your blog, as it looks really interesting, once I've finished writing all these thank you notes!!!!

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your hits! :) Woohoo! I've blogged! Thank you for the chance!

bunnybx at gmail . com

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Tracey, love the blog, colours are great! I will post a link to your candy on mine, pop over and take a peek when youcan. :) xxx

Karen said...

Well, welcome to blogland and the first 100+. I'm sure you'll see it going up fast!
I've left a link on the right of my blog so more people will find you.

NGCARDS said...

Hello Please add me to your candy!
Thank you for visiting my blog, good luck with the candy Im giving away! xxx

Jilli said...

Thanks for the chance of winning! I've linked your candy on my sidebar which can be found here.


Oma said...

I see we share similar interests - namely cross stitch and paper crafts. Will leave a heads up for your candy on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog!! And at the same time, I have to join in on your blog candy!!!

Have fun om Halloween!!

Christina from Norway


Juut said...

Hi, good luck with your blog. Thanks for the chance to win blogcandy!

Meaghan said...

Stopping by to tell you about my GIVEAWAY! I launched my online coffee shop this weekend, Get The Bean, and to celebrate we are giving away 1lb bag of coffee every week for the month of October. To enter visit out blog:


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Thanks so much!


~alison said...

Cute blog! Congrats on the hits!

I would love to enter your awesome giveaway!

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

CONGRATS on your now 200+ hits! Stopping by from SITS just to say hello!

Riayn said...

Found you via SITS. Congratulations on reaching 100 hits, although I am sure it is much higher now. :)

Annelies said...

Congratulations! Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Sena said...

Thank you for the sweet chance to win!

I have blogged about you here: http://senalovescandy.blogspot.com/2008/10/blog-candy.html


LuLu said...

Oooohhh Christmas blog candy - yum, yum! Congrats on all your "Hits" ! ! !

Have left a link on my blog.

bolha said...

Lovely blog and thanks for the chance to win your candy. I linked you on my BLOG.

x Natasha x

JackieLou said...

Whta you have pretty ATCs. May I join in the blog candy?

maxine said...

Hi Thanks for joining in with my blog candy and good luck.
I will post a link for your blog candy on my blog.

Liza said...

Congrats on your hits. Thanks for the chance of winning.

Liza x

Tracey said...

Congratulations on your hits Tracey :o)

I've linked you to my blog (on the right hand side).


Meaghan said...

Stopping by to say hi :) I just added all your entries into our giveaway!! You had a total of 9-WOW....wishing you luck and a happy week.


Regina said...

Congratulations on so many hits! Thanks for taking part in my blog candy, good luck.
I have added a link on my sidebar.

Manuela said...

Nice blog! Congrats on the hits! :)

elisabetta said...

Hi Tracey
wonderful blog and surprising blog candy!!! thank's for the chance!!

Caro said...

What a great blog! I gave only discovered this. I would love to enter for the blog candy.

Anonymous said...

Boy thanks to Sits, I have been able to see some really nice and cute looking blogs. Yours is definitely in my top ten!

Love the little witchiepoo and especially love your weather pixie.

Too, too cute!

Thanks for stopping my bog. Twas so kind of you.

I am extremely arts and crafts challenged, so I admire anyone who is.


Jacqueline TresBella said...

Fun mystery blog candy. What a fun blog!


linked you here!

thread-bare said...

Congrats on reaching this milestone xx Have left a link to your blog on mine xx

caron said...

Hey....found you on SITS...great blog...I'm not sure if the contest is still going on...but if it is consider me entered!

Pam's Pride said...

Linked you up to my blog! Congrats on your hits!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance


crafting diva said...

Hi I have added a link on my blog for you and I would love to go into your draw you have a great blog here.

Sonja said...

Verry nice Blog.Congrats on your hits!

Morti said...

Hi Tracey!

You won my blog challenge!!!!!

I'm going to need your address - and I'm going to link back to my blog HERE so I can also enter yours!


Anonymous said...

I have posted on my blog and I hope I can maybe win :)!


Meaghan said...

Thanks! Bryan made it. To be honest I was shocked it came out so good...mine isnt up b/c it was pretty bad :)


Happy Crafter said...

Wow secret Candy count me in i love surprises and you have a great blog i'm following you now :)
Off to pop a link on mine here
Val xxx

Princeska said...

wow, so many secrets :))) i love it.

lovely blog. i left a link to your blog on my candy list :)


Arline said...

Congrats on your hits! Thank you for entering my blog candy and for the opportunity to win yours! Love that it is a mystery one! I shall pop a link onto my blog now!xx

karola-2008 said...

Lovely blog! I have posted on my blog.

Simone said...

Hi, Kristin, wow, I am excited!!!
Nice idea! Thank you for offering this blog candy!
I posted a link on my blog!

Simone said...

Hey, Tracey! Congrats to your 100 hits! Now the counter shows 555 hits! Wow!!!
Thank you for your nice Blog Candy!
Greetings from Germany!

Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

Congrats on the hits! Fun isn't it? Hope you continue to enjoy your blogging experience.

Thanks for offering the candy - there's a link on my blog!

Anne said...

Lovely blog and thanks for the chance to win some candy. I've linked you on my sidebar x

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your hits, and your lovely blog.
Oh I love candy and I love surprises!! Please put my name in the draw.You will be linked in my sidebar.
Cathy xx

Elaine said...

Thanks for entering my blog candy giveaway... Good Luck!!!

Elaine x

Jelena said...

What beautiful blog candy! The winner will certainly be a happy camper! Your new blog looks fantastic!
I love your blog...it's fantastic!
Thanks for the opportunity to win :)


Tulpika said...

Congratulation on the number of your visitors. I just love the idea of secret blog candy :) Hope that you have a fantastic Halloween this year!
I've linked your blog candy here

Kind regard from Slovenia!

Ali said...

Hi tracey,
Thanks for the chance to win this blog candy!
Can I ask what is SITS?
I have put a link on my blog Here

memole said...

Congrats for your hits!!
Wonderful blog candy...


paola said...

hola!!! congratulation for your lovely blog!!! and for your aniversary...i live in argentina!!! my blog is www.abre-tus-alas.blogspot.com te invito a visitarlo!!!!you are in my blog!!!!

jackie said...

Hiya Tracey congrats on reaching your 1st target, I'm new to blogging and trying to find my way, have left a link in my blog.
Good Luck everyone..Hugs....
Jackie xx

Meaghan said...

Count me in! Don't you just love SITS :)


mamichelle said...

Love your blog! I'm in the US also. Not sure if I qualify. Congrats on your hits!


kama said...

You keep up the good work. It takes a while to get people to see your blog.

I would love to get something crafty and "Christmassy" (or messy, lol)

Here's my blog:



Ravenwolf said...

I absolutely love your blog name!! As a Wiccan rat lover it definitely appeals lol. Fantastic blog, definitely a great one to watch.

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