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Sunday, 5 October 2008

More links and an update

Linkage first (far more interesting)

Voices in My Head have some really cute goodies for blog candy closing 11th October

Dollie Dewdrop has some lovely winter candy closing 9th October

Made on The Farm has some awesome goodies but closes as soon as it hits 10,000 (it's over 8000 now)

Marlene has some birthday blog candy closing 8th October

Anyway that's all for the links now for the update in my super exciting life (I find it quite exciting enough thank you)

I have decided what I need to do for the Halloween bookmark (actually doing it is another matter but hey I've made a start) and I did some stitching on a gift for my daughter today as part of a SAL at Craft Queens I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I started.

The latest family addiction is Avatar games. I'm absolutely smitten with Aang's pet flying lemur Momo so expect some drivel/ pictures relating to Avatar: The Last Airbender in my blog soon.

Since I am leaving links for other blog candy I'm plotting one of my own (only small but then my blog isn't huge lol) stay tuned for more information

Well I'm typing this in the early hours of Sunday morning and my little madam will probably be up and ready to take on the world in just a few hours so I'll leave you in blogland whilst I see if anything good is happening in dreamland

Tracey xx

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