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Friday, 3 October 2008

Updates and linkage

I think I'll post links first as they are far more interesting than me :)

First there is some beautiful stationery up for grabs at LadyGil.com closes 13th October

Christmas blog candy from Elf-Creations closing 17th October Please also check out SOS

Pretties from Crafting Creatively (they are really pretty)

My news for the day..........

I got new socks in the mail :) Not the most exciting sounding I guess but I am super excited. They are orange, green and white striped with a Jack o' lantern at the top and they were all the way from New Orleans :)

I also received my goodies from Janetstore and wow my Halloween goodie bag was amazing. Can't post all that was in it as some is for people who may read my blog (yes Jay and Erin some of it is for you so NYAR)

I have a bookmark to make and a Yule ornament too so I really should be working on them instead of wittering on my blog lol

1 comment:

Jayven13 said...

Awww I hate surprises! Can I just have a little hint? Teeeny weeny even?? xx

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