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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A recipe

Fab Fishcakes


  1. 1 sachet of Mr Mash
  2. 2 small tins of salmon
  3. a pinch of salt
  4. a good teaspoon of dried mixed herbs
  5. teaspoon of butter
  6. Boiling water
  7. Basic pancake mix
Mum gave me 2 tins of salmon and to be honest the only way hubby and DD eat fish is as fishcakes or fishfingers in the main so I made fishcakes (and they loved them)

First of empty the packet of mash into a fair sized bowl and add salt and herbs, add boiling water and mix until a fairly thick consistency.
Add in knob of butter

Drain salmon and pick out any bones and skin (I guess you could leave it but my lot are fussy) mix salmon in with the mash.

The mixture should be quite firm

Shape into patties (this makes around 14 or so) and put frying pan on to heat with a little oil and oven on @200

Dip patties in pancake batter as you are frying them (this is just to colour and seal the batter to be honest)

Place 'cooked' patties on a tray and when all are done (or tray is full) pop in the oven for 30mins to ensure it is heated through.

DH and DD had 4 each last night and any that were left they wanted for breakfast. I have been told they won't eat shop bought again

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