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Hi all. I'm Tracey SAHM to Erin and a crazy crafter.
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Cross stitch
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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #26

Well hopefully if I'm right. I always saw people talking about this but had no idea how to join now I know :D

About me, well I've got it pretty much covered in my intro. I will add that I'm a little crazy about wolves and ladybirds. I call my daughter my lil bug (lil luvbug or lil ladybug). I have some strong opinions but keep them to myself unless asked and I'm a very shy person


Anne said...

Hi Tracey, welcome to SBS26, looking forward to getting to know you :)

Vickie said...

Hi Erin, welcome to the sisterhood. I see you also participate in Secret is in the Sauce. I just started that a couple weeks ago and I love that blog. Made a couple bloggy friends through the blog.

Your witch is cute.

I love your snowflake card. You are right, what girl does not like glitter.

Tonya said...

Welcome aboard!

Ikki said...

Hi there, our little group is growing nicely - welcome. I've always wanted a sister and now I've got lots! And what a bonus - they all love crafting! Ikki

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