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Monday, 8 December 2008


I haven't been ignoring anyone or a lazy blogger (honest). My net went down Wednesday and only came back on today :( You'd think I would have got some extra crafting in, but no, my mojo went along with my connection.
I'm also waiting on redelivery of a couple of parcels. Sods law that the one day I'm out they arrive just after I leave. There were 3, now correct me if I'm wrong, but, you would assume if you filled in a redelivery request you would want all parcels to be redelivered. Not according to RM, you have to fill out several redelivery requests, of course with my PC being slow and me being tired after the trip to see Santa I didn't check the FAQ's I (foolishly) assumed that they would all be redelivered. Since the net was off I then had to ask my folks to arrange redelivery, and guess what, yup they were meant to come today but at 3:30pm I'm beginning to think it isn't going to happen *pouts*

I know what 1 is and I hope the other is what I think it is but I am not a happy bunny.

On the subject of bunnies I won the most adorable stamp from Sally and gave it to my daughter. She adores it and wants to know if she is officially a Bootiful Stampz member since the bunny is the logo :) Look at the bunny stamps here

I've come back to discover that I won on the Polly Craft Challenge too :D

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Emma said...

Congratulations on winning the challenge,
Emma x

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