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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A magical morning

We went to visit Santa in his grotto based at Chevasse Park in Liverpool One today and Erin had a wonderful time as afterwards we went to Build a Bear Workshop (I hope to get a picture of Erin with her new friend tomorrow).
Erin looks so happy I just have to share this picture with you all


Donnas Den said...

I love taking the kids to see Father Christmas. We all went yesterday to the Grotto at Sefton Meadows (Maghull) and the three boys loved it. We got a really nice picture as well (none of them crying!).

These are the times parents cherish.

Kelley said...

The little elf is too cute!! We have to see Santa here...not sure when we will. Nate will probably not be too happy!!

Tonya said...

How fun!

Kathryn said...

Such a CUTE picture!

We took our little ones today to see Santa. So much fun!


Ikki said...

Lovely picture, something to remember and treasure. ikki

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