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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It's a Madhouse

Seriously I think everyone is crazy here especially Flash who went completely crazy over his new teddy (so much so I've had to hide it as it needs 'surgery')
This is the crazy pooch in question (looking sweet and innocent)
He even buried his dental chew in my cover and decided it would be fun to eat it through the fabric. Gotta love him though.

I will add pictures of my crafting here often, but not everything gets on here. I do add almost all my crafty stuff to my F lickr though so feel free to nose (and add me as a friend)

To all the sisters of SBS #26


Tonya said...

He looks sweet enough - kinda like my Lady - from the sounds of it!

Have a great weekend.

SBS 26

Barb said...

Flash is just so adorable, sounds like he has lots of character.

Vickie said...

Awe! Look at the pooch! We got a new dog about 4 months ago. He has eaten 3 pairs of my shoes!!

Sweet bear:)

Maya said...

cute blog!
your dog is beautiful

i see you like rats, you should check out my newest blog


it's going to be awesome...i promise!

Maya said...

thanks for joining The Rat Gang.

I'll be posting the first chapter of the story up soon so stay tuned.

Maya x

Anne said...

So appearances can be deceiving? He looks so sweet!
Off to check out your flickr account :)

melody said...

wow ~ sounds like he can be a lot of fun! :) and love that lil bear chickie ~ so cute!


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