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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hangs head sheepishly

Where to begin. Well since I last blogged so much has happened (I have a note from my mum excusing me from blogging miss)

First a family issue led to myself and Erin having to go to mum's for a month during which time the landlord was supposed to fix the kitchen ceiling and deal with the damp and missing tiles. Never happened. For all it wasn't ideal (I need my space) Erin and I had some lovely times and Jay thankfully had Flash to keep him company and visited with us as often as possible.

The other big thing................Erin decided she wanted to try school so she is now (well so far not this week but I'll get to that) a student in St Monica's year 4. She loves it and has shouted at me for keeping her off school since she is sick lol.

I have been crafting but my PC died so all my drivers/software needs re installing and with sickness, school and wanting to craft I haven't got around to it yet, but I will and then I will scan things (probably). With the latest nervous breakdown of my PC (she's very sensitive) we've decided to spoil her and upgrade our windows as soon as we can (still on ME here lol).

SBS sorry I've not been about but I will be visiting your blogs later (I expect them to be in tip top condition too)

Good news is.................It's nearly Halloween YAY and to celebrate that I splurged and bought some new stamps. Pumpkin and Aubergine from the Daisy and Dandelion range
Aren't they adorable.

Talking of Halloween fans of paranormal/horror fiction really need to be heading over to Bitten By Books. They have interviews and an awesome run up to Halloween planned. So what are you waiting for?
I guess linkage may help Bitten By Books


Bathory said...

Love the stamps! Really really cute :D

Glama Ray said...

Oh, I just love these! Thanks for sharing and thanks for following. Love your blog, hon!

Karan said...

Good to see you posting again. Fab stamps! :0)

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