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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Countdown to Halloween: Day 10 with Mrs B

Mrs B has 6 giveaways today !!!

Yummy Soaps from Sacred Oak

Funky Soap from Bloodbath

Cute Apron from Mad Things and Bat Wings

Table Runner from Chicory Cottage Weavery

Cool DVD

Gorgeous Print from Emily Balivet

What has the stitchinwitch been up to lately (other than blogging about giveaways)?
In all honesty not a great deal worth writing about. I have done some crafting but have no pictures (I know it's awful)
I will post about my DD's exciting life though :D
As many will know I homeschooled madame until this year when she decided that school was something she wanted to try. Well she loves it. She only does half days right now as it is so different, but, she does some full days and enjoys them too. Already she has loads of friends and a crush (aaaaawww).

She has a busy week coming up. Wednesday year 4 is off on a field trip (I want to go too), Thursday is school picture (I can't wait) and Friday is wear your own clothes to collect groceries for pensioners. We used to make up 'baskets' and leave them at the altar for the Harvest mass when I was in primary school, but madame is taking in biscuits and maybe a couple of tins in payment for wearing her own clothes.

The other news is that her school has been in the news recently as one of OFSTED's top schools having received an outstanding report 2 years running and achieving excellence against the odds.

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