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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rant Warning

I guess it is quite fitting that my first post in ages is related to boobs since it has just been Breast Cancer Awareness month (it doesn't mean you can stop checking them until next October though)

This is a pet peeve of mine in all areas of clothing and has been for years, but, today I decided I needed to rant.

Firstly, even though I am well endowed, I stiil want pretty bras. I just don't want to sell my first born for them.

Secondly, why do they think that ladies with an ample bosom want padding in their bra. I have plenty of my own thank you.

Let's not forget those women who have had mastectomies. Finding a bra can be difficult, then, when you do they are expensive (there are a few reasonable ones about) and often not that pretty. I'm sure many want extra pretty bras, I know I would.

Now the main reason for this post. Why can't the sizes be standardized? Would it kill them to agree what 38" is?
Yup you guessed it. Hubby went and bought me a new bra on Monday and it fits lovely. He got the only one they stocked in my size (plain in black or pink) but at least it fits,didn't cost the earth and there was 1 style that accepted women can have breasts bigger than a C cup.
I ordered some more from a larger ladies shop same size, pretty and a little more expensive.  Guess what. Yup they don't fit. Oh the cup size is fine, but, I really doubt since taking my new bra off for bed last night and my trying the newly arrived bras on today, I have added several inches to my back.
So gotta return the bras and I think I'll stick with trawling the high street trying to find a bra that fits and doesn't cost the earth. Maybe I'll be lucky and find a non padded pretty one too (I think I just heard the wee demons shouting 'Snow day')


Morti said...

I'll join you in your rant - except that I don't get the luxury of trawling the high street for a bra that fits cos they just don't. Never mind standardising a 38", what about them making an agreement that they will ALL sell those double sizes rather than up it to the next one? For example - a FF made by Fantasie is now in actual fact a G at M&S. Talk about self esteem destruction........

Stitchinwitch said...

I am lucky as I can generally find a DD. Total self esteem destruction is so true. No wonder there are so many people with eating disorders but that could prompt a whole new rant

Karan said...

They could do with standardising all flipping clothes, so you don't have to keep guessing or have to take 3 different sizes into the changing rooms every time you want to buy something new.

Danielle said...

Sorry! I am a 34 A. There is almost NO SUCH THING. They rarely make "A" bras, and when they do, you are supposed to be 15 pounds, and 30 inches around. ugh!

Does bra shopping really have to be this difficult! Good for you for saying something!

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