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Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello Strangers

I kinda gave up on blogging since my camera and scanner both died but I've decided I can still bore everyone and even more now since it will just be me blethering on and no pretty pictures *evil laugh*

I'm still crafting and I'm even starting work on my first quilt (which may be finished in time for Halloween 2020 lol)

I've also developed a new blog reading obsession, Beauty blogs!!
I love make up but generally can't be bothered a whole lot. Since lil missy is now 10 (and a bit lol) she is so interested in make up and loves trying new polishes and lipsticks (applied semi normally instead of her clown make up of earlier years) so  my interest has been revived and I'm even thinking of trying new colours instead of my neutral everything and black/blue/purple nails. At the moment I have a french manicure style in red with black tips after missy painted my nails red and said 'You rock red mum'

So reading all these beauty blogs I've discovered several must haves, a few wishlists and lots of 'They want how much for that??'  Even better though is the reviews that show the cheaper cosmetics really are good value (I already knew MUA was)

I promise to blog at least once a week whether it be crafts, beauty, random  or a complete load of nonsense

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