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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Nail Dilemma

I can never decide what colour to paint my nails. I have several different colours (understatement) yet I can't find the one that feels like me for the day.

Anyways I decided today was a red kinda day so I looked out my red polishes and discovered I only have 2. I can't believe it. I have 5 different blues, 2 blacks (and a crackle), 3 greens I even have an orange and a yellow (I hate those 2 colours). So why only 2 reds? I suppose red is the 'normal' nail colour to me and I prefer using less traditional colours.  Any recommendations for a nice red polish (or 3) and any other colours would be great.

On to the craft side now.

I'm busy trying to stitch some Halloween ornaments from Just Cross Stitch magazine and I need to make an anniversary card for my other half (11 years!!)

Baking cookies with lil missy tonight and then I'm going back to school tomorrow. Refresher maths and English and I'm terrified.

I think that about covers my life right now but I'll leave you with a gorgeous picture
Isn't the pup adorable (the man isn't too bad either) Cute puppy pic snagged from

Tracey xxxx

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