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Sunday, 27 November 2011

ME strikes

Well major flare up last night so I've been in bed today (I love the laptop) but yesterday was worth the pain.

We set out for Liverpool at 8:15 and arrived about 8:45 so we went straight to Starbucks. Of course the gingerbread latte was my drink of choice, husband had eggnog latte and lil miss had a kids hot chocolate.

Since we were suitably fuelled we went shopping in Liverpool 1. My first stop was Disney store where I found some adorable ornaments. I managed some restraint and only bought 2! Winnie-the-Pooh bauble and the cutest teeny stocking with Mickey on and stuffed with candy canes.

Next stop was the Lego store. When I win the lottery I fully intend to go crazy there, but, since I haven't I only bought a cute keychain for the husband (a ninjago figure shares his name) and a money box for lil miss.

Of course the main reason for visiting was the Christmas Market. It really is lovely to wander around and, of course, plenty of  'Mummy can I have' from lil miss. The market is open until 22nd December.

We also visited Liverpool town hall (first time) as there was vegan event with tastings, lectures and cookery help. Lil miss has decided she really likes vegan sweets and cheese. Event details

I have a strange premonition that I will be visiting Liverpool again very soon as the Coca Cola truck is scheduled to visit Liverpool 1 on 1st December and Clayton Square 2nd and 3rd December.

The last stop before the bus home (and a heavenly cuppa tea) was a new (to me) store we just chanced upon.
New Beginnings is such a lovely shop. I only really looked at the make up counter (and bought a gorgeous polish), but, a Sonic plush was spotted by lil miss and the ladies who run that area were so friendly and helpful when we enquired about a Tails plush. Next time I think we'll check out the cafe :)

Perhaps the least enjoyable part of the day was food shopping so I won't say any more about that.

I may have a crap day today, but, I have images of my daughter enjoying a morning in town and having fun. They totally make up for the ouchies.

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Otter said...

I can go no where near stores such as this, lol. I tend to go crazy. I won't spend money on myself. But I seem to not have sensible attitude in regards to my daughter.

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