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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Well I guess weekly blogging is off then?

Maybe I'll have more success blogging monthly (or yearly?)
No real excitement here (is there ever?) but, I'm doing fairly well in the maths and English courses. I can't believe how much easier I'm finding it now even though I'd forgotten almost all of the GCSE stuff.

Good news is lil missy doesn't seem to be bullied anymore and there is some headway on diagnosis and therapy. Her nurse through CAMHS is so lovely. She has given lil missy a box to decorate and put in things that she likes/hates. The box is very sparkly at the moment and she has loved decorating it.

Crafts right now :- Halloween quilt has been postponed as I want to make a bright and pretty one for Christmas.
I did make a mad fluffy rug for lil missy and gave it to her tonight. Bright rainbow fun fur and hot pink/lilac and white fun fur. Looks quite nice really.
Need to stitch a Claddagh and want to applique a dragon (both patterns from Urban Threads) and I have a panel with Russian dolls (pattern from Sublime Stitching)
The quilt blocks are crazy, seriously. Fabrics used include rainbow cats, pink hippy guitars, cupcakes, ladybugs and a pink floral print. Very  colourful and a little haphazard (just like my lil missy) So you can see a theme in it, right?

Well I need to go pierce my fingers some more

Tracey xxx

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