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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year and my plans

Happy New year all. I have 1 big resolution this year. I WILL quit smoking.

I have a few stitchy plans for the new year as well (in no particular order)
I also hope to do at least one card or papercraft item a week (get a head start on Christmas cards for once!)

Also this year I will be doing my level 2 maths and English. I can't believe how much I had forgotten since leaving school, they also do things so different now.

The big change coming this year is my baby will be starting big school (high school) in September. Seems it was only yesterday I first held my lil ladybug in my arms, but, this year she turns 11. She is growing up so fast and has a very definite idea of her make up style.

My smaller resolution (although probably the hardest lol) is to blog at least weekly with progress pictures (and reports on the big quit)

I hope 2012 is a fabulous year for you all

Tracey xxxxx

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