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Friday, 28 February 2014

100 days of happiness (Day 1)

A friend posted a link on facebook a few days back 100 happy days

I have so many reasons to be happy so I think I can do this. It may not be a picture (my photography sucks), but I hope to post about something that has made me happy for 100 days.

Day 1
No picture for this.

My daughter coming home from school with a smile on her face. This has been most nights since she started high school in 2012. I can count the number of times she came home happy from 3 years at primary school on 1 hand. I'm happy knowing we chose the right school for my precious daughter and that she is enjoying her time there. She even enjoys her homework!

So a small glimpse into what makes my day a good one.

Until tomorrow, find something no matter how small to smile about today. If you look around I'm sure you can find something

T x

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