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Monday, 10 March 2014

100 days of happiness (day 11)

Parcels, Friends and an Amazing Family

Several happy moments today.

I have a wonderful husband who took the 'in sickness and in health' part of our vows to heart.  The only thing I got from being at the drs for over an hour on Friday was a bug/ sore throat/ massive flare up. Jay has been wonderful and looked after me. Admittedly he's been my carer for 13 + years and I am extremely thankful I trusted my heart when I met him.
Of course my daughter is the light of my life and she is so understanding (and always has been) when I can't do stuff. In short the existence of Jay and Erin help me fight off the worst of my depression and bring joy to my life.

I have 'met' several wonderful people via the internet and truly class them as friends / soul family, so I'm happy that I can put together a small package to send to one of my soul family.



Anonymous said...

You've been there for me too. We're partners Partner, and you're worth it. You're great xxx

Gypsy said...

I ♥ you Soul Sistah!

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