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Saturday, 15 March 2014

100 Days of Happiness (day 16)

This is the second day we have been visited by a bumble bee, definitely a sign new life is coming. Yes the presence of a bee in my home makes me very happy.
Power of the bee 

So to honour these beautiful creatures I have ordered some nice bulbs for my yard (which will make me giddy when they bloom) and something for my mum as Mother's day is fast approaching (30th March in UK)

My humble yard will have freesias,gladioli, irises, sparaxis, crocosmia and tiger flowers.  Freesias have a wonderful fragrance so that will be a nice addition.

Tiger flower
I wish they were in my yard already.

I also hope to get some wildflower seeds to encourage butterflies and bees. The big challenge will be preventing the dogs from eating them or peeing on them or possibly digging them up.


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Anonymous said...

Will look lovely xxx

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