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Sunday, 16 March 2014

100 Daysof Happiness (day 17)

Today I have been working on Erin's never ending granny square and my dad came to visit. I haven't seen him in ages with my being ill so it was lovely to see him and have a nice chat with mum about her garden starting to come alive again. Hopefully I will get to see them and take some pictures. The garden is huge and has a gorgeous willow tree. One thing I miss most is the garden, no matter how I try my yard just doesn't give me the same joy as the family's garden. My grandparents had a huge garden too, the front was a riot of colour and the back was a small bed of flowers, the rest was vegetables. That has me thinking of picking the peas with nan and shelling them. I swear we ate more than ever went into the pot

T x

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Anonymous said...

You're a real fighter and you should be proud of yourself. What i love about you is that you offer support even when you need it yourself.
One day, you can shell peas with Erin in your own garden.

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